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VELO Twisted Pineapple (Caribbean Spirit)

VELO Twisted Pineapple (Caribbean Spirit)

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From the sleek design of these nicotine pouches to their drip rate and nicotine content, VELO has practically perfected everything with Caribbean Spirit Strong Slim... and they've done it without tobacco, odor, or smoke. Packed with 14mg/g of pure nicotine bliss, it provides a potent and fast-acting buzz that lingers for a long time due to its all-white character.
The flavor is inspired by Pina Colada with subtle yet remarkable undertones of refreshing coconuts and sweet pineapple. This heavenly blend of tropical fruits, mixed with the strong nicotine punch and a captivating woody aroma, makes any room feel like the deck of a Caribbean cruise ship! Plenty of slim pouches per can!

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