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NNP Flavorful Nicotine Pouches

NNP Flavorful Nicotine Pouches

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Welcome to the NNP snus nicotine pouches store

where we specialize in delivering an exceptional nicotine consumption experience for global customer. Renowned for our outstanding quality and professional service, NNP takes pride in offering OEM services to craft unique products for your brand.

NNP Nicotine pouches data

  • Regular - 12mg - 6mg per pouch
  • Medium - 18mg - 9mg per pouch
  • Strong - 20mg - 12mg per pouch

Product Highlights:

  1. High-Quality Nicotine: Our products feature naturally extracted nicotine from premium tobacco, ensuring users enjoy an authentic nicotine experience while using nicotine pouches.

  2. Technology and Innovation: NNP is committed to merging technology and innovation, continuously enhancing the taste and effects of our products to meet the market's demand for advanced nicotine solutions.

  3. Production Process: Employing advanced production processes, we rigorously control every step to ensure products meet international quality standards, establishing an excellent image for your brand in the nicotine pouch market.

Why Choose NNP:

  • Rich Experience: With extensive experience in the nicotine pouch industry, NNP provides professional and reliable collaboration services for global clients.

  • Global Compliance: Our products adhere to international regulations and standards for nicotine products, ensuring your brand's success in global markets.

  • Customer Support: NNP offers comprehensive customer support, collaborating closely with you from product design to delivery. Our team ensures your customized needs are met.​

Model NO.: NNP NIC POUCH Transport Package Palletized
Specification 20 pouches/can All White Type High Quality Non-Woven Paper
Origin China Flavor Profile Top Suppliers in The World

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